The Jewish Ethicist: Everyday Ethics in Business and Life

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Rabbi Dr. Asheir Meir

“The book is an important source of ethical insights for Jews and non-Jews alike”. - George Cohen, Booklist (journal of the American Library Association)

“Combines up-to-the-minute knowledge of his field with thousands of years of Jewish tradition” – Rivka Blau, Jewish Press

“This tome was a delight to read and provided tachlis modern application to principles of halacha.” David Rosenthal,

The book discusses scores of actual questions on ethical dilemmas in business as well as everyday life. The author, Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, not only gives answers but also provides a lucid and inspiring presentation of underlying ethical concepts, with special emphasis on the insights of Jewish tradition. The discussions sensitize the reader to ethical concerns in all areas of life, and build a comprehensive foundation of concepts to help resolve these concerns. In discussing topics such as marketing, human resources, and fair competition, attention is given to many up-to-date issues; and there is an entire chapter dedicated to “ethics on the Internet”.

About the author Rabbi Dr. Meir is Research Director at the prestigious Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem, and a Senior Lecturer in economics and business ethics at the Jerusalem College of Technology. He studied economics at Harvard and received his doctorate at MIT, and worked on the staff of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Reagan administration as well as in the private sector. Rabbi Meir’s many lectures and columns on Jewish law and its ethical lessons are highly popular.

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