The Jeremy Lin Problem and Rav Soloveitchik

Is Jeremy Lin Jewish? No, he is not a Jew.

David Brooks quotes our teacher Rav Soloveitchik to explain the “problem” facing Knick basketball player and religious person Jeremy Lin.

This matter merits some Talmudic analysis. First, we don’t have a clue what Brooks means in the essay. It has something to do with being religious and being a sports star. Somehow there is or ought to be a “problem” being both. Huh? Why?

Anyhow, Brooks cites our teacher to support his “ideas”. It is the first time I have seen our rav cited in the Times. Certainly it is the first time he is cited to explain the “quandary” facing a religious professional basketball player. Here is Brooks:

Lin says in that interview that he has learned not to obsess about stats and championships. He continues, “I’m not working hard and practicing day in and day out so that I can please other people. My audience is God.


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