The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak

Five notebooks from the Lodz Getto
by Dawid Sierakowiak
Edited by Alan Adelson
Translated by: Kamil Turowski

After the liberation of the Lodz Ghetto, Dawid Sierakowial’s notebooks were found stacked on a cookstove, ready to be burned for heat. Young Sierakowiak was one of more than 60,000 Jews who perished in that notorious urban slave camp, a man-made hell which was the longest surviving concentration of Jews in Nazi Europe. The diary comprises a remarkable legacy left to by its teenage author. It is one of the most fastidiously detailed accounts ever rendered of modern life in human bondage. The luxury of life was never returned to Dawid, but a new awareness of its richness can be our reward for reading the diary of this brilliantly deserving and brutally deprived young human being. Illustrated with actual photographs from the Lodz Ghetto.(271 Pages)

Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1998

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