The Complete Junior Congregation Synagogue Companion

Finally something for the children in the synagogue! This book will help bring the Shabbat synagogue experience to life for children of all ages! }}With large, clear Hebrew type of all the basic Shabbat prayers, alongside large, easy-to-read English transliterations, plus simplified English translations and explanations, boys and girls will now be able to participate in the prayer services like never before. }}This companion will fit perfectly on the shelf in your synagogue and is sure to be a hit in any community! Get a copy for your own children and for your Shul! }}Includes: }ユ Intuitive icons indicating the proper prayer for each age group. }ユ All basic prayers for Friday night and Shabbat Morning services. }ユ Alef-Beis Chart, Morning blessings, Selection of Torah verses. }ユ Blessings for Food and Drink, and more.

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