The Complete High Holiday Synagogue Companion

by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

The Cure for the High-Holiday Synagogue Blues!

It guides you page-by-page through the Chabad High-Holiday prayer book for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, indicating what prayers are found on each page, their background and meaning, and the proper action required at each point. It also includes more than 50 key prayers with linear English translations and many inspirational readings and stories to help you draw out the true spirit of the Holiday. This book will help you comprehend the services at a higher level, and enable you to read or sing along with ease, bringing the full High-Holiday synagogue experience to life. Great as a companion to the High-Holiday prayer book, or as a study aid in preparing for the holiday services, bring home a copy for each of your family members and friends!

Index of transliterated prayers:
Atoh Vchartonu, Ayn Kaylo-kaynu, Borchu, Darkcho, Greeting for Rosh Hashanah, Hashem, Hashem, Ha-yom Haras Olom, Ha-yom Tamtzaynu, Hodo Al Eretz, Ho-Ochayz Byad, Imru Lay-lokim, Kohel Ha-nimtach, Kayl Adon, Kesser, Ki Hinay, Kol Nidrei Prayer, Ldovid Mizmor, Lkayl Oraych Din, Lshonoh Habo-oh, Lecho Dodi, Mizmor LDovid, Modim Drabbonon, Mogayn Ovos, Mourners Kaddish, Nakdishoch, Nakdishoch (Short), Olaynu, Ovinu Malkaynu, Psach Lonu Sha-ar, Shma Ko-laynu, Sha-aray Armon, Shema, Shema (For the Torah Reading), Shir Ha-ma-alos, Shofar Service, Tashlich Prayer, The Three Verses of Faith, Uchsov, Unsaneh Tokef, Uvsayfer Cha-yim, Uvsayfer Cha-yim (Neilah), Val Kulom, Vha-kohanim, Vzos Ha-toroh, Va-chasom, Va-ychulu, Va-yhi Binsoah, Yvorechcho, Ya-aleh, Yizkor Service(160 Pages)


Publisher: The Jewish Learning Group, 2002

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