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The Bris DVD

Covenant of Abraham Ritual Circumcision

From birth, naming your child, and the early years of development, this 22 minute program educates Jewish families on 3000 years of tradition and laws. When a baby is born many new issues arise that will affect the lifetime of your child, this video is a fantastic opportunity to consult the experts on everything from their name to the hows and whys of a Bris Milah, the Convenat of Abraham.

Featured Speakers

  • Pesach Krohn, Mohel, author, speaker
  • Rabbi Twerski, M.D. PhD, Psychiatrist, Author
  • Rebbitsin Jungreis, Hineni, author, columnist, speaker
  • Rabbi Algaze, Rabbi, columnist, speaker
  • Simon Jacobson, author, director Meaningful Life Center
  • Rabbi Buchwald, President National Jewish Outreach Program
  • Rabbi Mordechai Becher, senior lecturer Gateways
  • Rabbi Frank, certified Mohel
  • Rabbi Ephraim Rubin
  • Mordechai Becher, senior lecturer Gateways
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