The Book of Beliefs and Opinions (Yale Judaica Series, Vol 1)

Saadia Gaon, Sa’adia, Samuel Rosenblatt (translator)

Publisher: Yale University Press

The only unabridged translation into a modern language of the entire text of Saadia Gaon’s classic Book of Beliefs and Opinions-the first systematic attempt to present Judaism as a rational body of beliefs.

“Saadia Gaon’s Book of Beliefs and Opinions is the oldest surviving specimen of medieval Jewish philosophy. It remains also an outstanding specimen of Kalam interpretation of Judaism. Rosenblatt’s translation is a masterly rendition.”-Gerson Cohen, Jewish Theological Seminary

“This is the first translation into English of the complete text that influenced the development of systematic Jewish philosophical exposition of the teachings of Judaism. Rosenblatt, who was an excellent JudeoArabist and no less a fine talmudist and rabbinics scholar, introduced the classic in its fullness to the Englishspeaking world and beyond.”— Judah Goldin, University of Pennsylvania

“This complete English translation of Saadia’s masterpiece has itself become a classic and belongs in every serious Judaica library.”-Ivan G. Marcus, Jewish Theological Seminary

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