The 8th Note

by Yossi Green

Five years in the making, this CD is finally here. 14 new songs composed by Yossi Green featuring Avraham Fried, MBD, Yossi Green, Ohad, Shloime Gertner, Lipa Schmeltzer, Cantor Helfgot, Haim Israel, Lev Tahor, A.K.A. Pella, Mo Kiss and more. Includes a beautifully printed 40-page 4-color booklet with lyrics, photos, detailed song explanations from Yossi Green and liner notes.

Track Listing
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1. Layehudim
2. Anovim Anovim
3. Sefor
4. Beshivtecho
5. Ve’oz Yihyu
6. Al Todin
7. Lama
8. Kanei
9. Yossel
10. Hesech Hadaas
11. Naseh Venishma
12. 8th Note
13. Mi Mi Adir
14. Hatav Sashmini

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