Thank You, Judy Blume

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Best-selling author Judy Blume is among the Jewesses with attitude featured in “MAKERS: Women Who Make America,” the film that premieres on PBS tomorrow night.

Blume’s characters accompanied me while I navigated my way through puberty. They pondered the same questions I was too afraid to ask aloud, and seemed to understand the awkwardness I felt. As I watched video clips of an interview with her on the MAKERS website and listened as she recalled everything from her career choice to her relationship with her mother, I began to see her as something more than a childhood hero: I recognized her as a down-to-earth woman, who struggled to find success and happiness.

Blume married young and had two children by the time she was my age—25. Like many middle-class women of her generation, she was expected to stay at home and not pursue a career. But she felt unfulfilled by her roles as a suburban wife and mother and sought an outlet for her pent-up ambition and creativity.


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