Tel Aviv fetes its 221,000 trees on Tu Bishvat

The Tel Aviv Municipality is marking Tu Bishvat, celebrated on Wednesday, with the publication of a book describing 29 trees in the city which are outstanding due to their size or age.

However, environmental activists say the city is doing little when it comes to protecting its arboreal treasures.

According to the book, written by the municipality’s landscaping and city beautification coordinator, Avi Levy, there are 221,000 trees in Tel Aviv, half of which are on private land, and a quarter of which are considered particularly old.

About 50,000 trees have been planted over the past decade, the book states.

It mentions three large, centuries-old ficus sycamore trees in Gan Ya’akov park, near Habima Theater, two of which have large wounds which have been filled with concrete to keep the tree stable.


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