Talmud Study Cycle Celebrations Begin!

The observant Jewish community was filled with excitement as Talmud study celebrations opened in Israel and around the world.

The events, called “Siyum HaShas” take place once every seven and a half years and mark the completion of a cycle of Torah study of the Babylonian Talmud called the Daf Yomi, the study of two sides of a page of Talmud per day. Literally thousands of groups of Daf Yomi study take place in synagogues and yeshivas all over the world, generally at the time of morning or evening prayers.

Scholars study the debates of the Torah sages who debated legal and communal issues of the Oral Law given at Mount Sinai and many other topics relating to humanity while living in ancient Babylon – today known as Iraq – nearly 2,000 years ago. These discussions and legal rulings were assembled in the Talmud, consisting of the Oral Law, codified in the 3rd century CE and called the Mishna and the 7th century CE Gemara, which explains and discusses the the Oral Law, and are studied today by Jews around the world.

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