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Stuff right wing modern orthodox Jews like

Modern orthodoxy is really such a pain in the neck group to write about these days. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s there was just plain old modern orthodox. The women wore pants and the men played ball on Shabbos – you didn’t see too many seforim lying around the house [...]

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Stuff Chabad Likes

Most of you realize I love Chabad. It’s not just the beautiful girls, good food and free places to stay – I love their passion, their skill and their ability to be both modern and traditional. Before all of you crushed hat wearing die hard Chabadnicks go nuts – know that every [...]

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Stuff Hockers Like

As much as I dislike Hockers, I miss them dearly. Northern California has no real hockers. There are several potential hockers but nothing that truly fits the guy who grew up in Flatbush and dropped out of Touro to become a Nursing Home Administrator. We don’t have hatzoloh and it’s rude [...]

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Stuff Secular Jews Like

I am not a secular Jew so undoubtedly this post was flawed from the start. I have many secular and non-religious Jewish friends and family. As the series of Stuff Jewish People like moves down the line, I am randomly picking groups of which I can make fun. The other problem with [...]

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Stuff Yeshivish People Like

There are lots of things that Yeshivish folks like and don’t like. I suppose the goal of this series will be to pick some
random isn’t that isn’t so obvious. Don’t worry folks, this is the first of many posts in the Stuff Jewish People Like series
and I will get to the other [...]

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