Super Cheesy

Sure, this could be a post about Anthony(’s) Weiner. I must be teetering over the edge of a hugely un-hip middle age, because all I could think about yesterday during Breitbart’s sadistic unveiling and the congressman’s teary, embarrassing press conference was “Oh, his poor mother.”

Why must it be so difficult for people in committed relationships—not only high-profile politicians with ambitions—to comprehend that sending nudie photos to anyone other than your partner is NEVER a good idea? What kind of idiot DOESN’T think that they will not get caught?

Damn, even sending mildly suggestive photos to your OWN spouse warrants a level of technological stealth. I found this out yesterday when El Yenta Man thought it would be ha-larious to send his own Weiner-ish text while Yenta Boy was playing Angry Birds on my iPhone.


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