Shir HaShirim – The Song of Songs

by Tamar Messer
Illustrated by: Tamar Messer

This beautifully illustrated collector’s edition of Shir HaShirm has the complete Hebrew text and English translation on the same page facing a full page illustration for each paragraph of text.

Artist’s Notes: ‘The Song of Songs has been interpreted in numerous ways. The traditional commentary sees the text as a parable for Gods love for the Jewish people. Others treat it literally as a description of the love between a man and woman. I chose to emphasize the Jewish peoples connection to its land and to expand on the descriptions of the panoramas, the natural resources, and the seasons; and to focus on the flora and fauna of the Land of Israel. In this frame of mind, I began working on the illustrations.’


Publisher: Tamar Messer Gallery Ltd., 2002

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