Shabbos Secrets: The Mysteries Revealed

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Shabbos is filled with fascinating rituals, traditional customs that have been practiced throughout the generations. It is through painstaking attention to every detail of these customs that we capture the true spirit of Shabbos. From our weekday preparations to learning the laws of Shabbos and eating the three Shabbos meals, these customs express our love for Shabbos and devotion to the day that is me’ein Olam Haba, a sembelance of the World to Come. }Discover the dozens of different kugels that have become a part of our Shabbos meals … the various ways to braid the challah … the reason for serving kishke in the cholent … why we sing zemiros on Shabbos. }}Interpersed with the rich variety of laws and customs are fascinating tales of the great Rabbis, with further exploration into the spiritual concepts of Shabbos - and the neshama yeseira that accompanies us on this holy day. }}Shabbos Secrets will open your eyes to another world, one that we are previlaged to visit every week. The essence of Shabbos is here. It is up to us to find it. }}”For those whose Shabbos experience has been hitherto tenuous and colorless, this work will serve to kindle a flame of feeling and warmth. Those whose Shabbosim have already been spiritually elevated may glean from these writing a deeper understanding of things already familiar to them and use them to raise their spirituality even higher.” - Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

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