Shabbat Dinner for Two

Shabbat Dinner for Two

16” x 12” x 4”H (boxed size)

Our new Shabbat Dinner for Two is almost as wonderful as dinner at grandma’s house. Crafted from wood with a colorful, smooth-sanded finish, the Shabbat Dinner for Two is easy to play with – and tons of fun! The set includes:

* 2 chicken legs
* 2 slices of gefilte fish with carrot garnish
* 2 noodle kugels
* 4 pieces of broccoli
* 2 bowls
* 2 plates
* 2 matzo balls
* 2 spoons
* 1 Lace-trimmed tablecloth

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Note: is owned by Rosenblum’s World of Judaica, which is one of the oldest Judaica stores in the United States. Their store has been open for over 75 years!

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