Sefirat Haomer-The Inner Count

Usefartem lachem mi’macharat hashabbat miyom heviachem et omer hatnufa sheva shabbatot temimot tehiyena, ad mimcharat h’shabbat hash’viit… “And you shall count from the day after Shabbat from the day of the waving of the Omer sacrifice, seven full weeks it shall be until the day after the seventh week…” Why is the phrase “Mi’macharat haShabbat” repeated? Why do we first bring an offering of barley and then of wheat? Why do we count towards Shavuot instead of counting down?

In Shir Hashirim it is written, “Mashchaini acharecha narutza he’viani hamelech chadarav…”- “Draw me towards you and I will run. The King has brought me into his chamber.”


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