‘Polarization growing since Rabin murder’

The poll was commissioned by the Tzav Pius organization, which works to promote mutual understanding among Israeli Jews, through the Zeta Tools research institute. It reveals that 65% of seculars and 61% of traditional Jews identify with the Rabin memorial.

Among religious Jews, only 26% feel very affiliated with the memorial, while 39% reported feeling slightly affiliated.

About 50% of the public see a radicalization in religious-secular relations since the murder. Forty-two percent believe the relations have remained unchanged, while 8% say the two sectors have gotten closer.

The feeling of polarization is more noticeable among the secular and traditional public than among the religious and haredi public. Sixty percent of secular Jews see a radicalization, compared to only 32% of religious Jews. About half of skullcap wearers believe relations have remained unchanged.

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