Personal Shoa-era Items put on Display

Dozens of meters in the bowels of the earth, under the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum, is one of the most important collections of the Jewish people. Some 150 million papers documenting the horrible disaster, item by item, through pictures and testimonies.

This work is far from being completed. In the past two years, the Holocaust Museum workers – in collaboration with the Yedioth Ahronoth daily – added another layer to the national memory. More than 71,000 personal items – toys, clothes, diaries and souvenirs – have been collected as part of the “Gathering the Fragments” national commemoration campaign, describing the entire lives left behind.

As the world marks International Holocaust Day on Sunday, Yad Vashem is opening a special exhibition displaying the backstage of the assembly work of this sad puzzle through some 30 items donated as part of the national rescue campaign.

An iron comb, diaries in German, two tiny phylacteries, a food bowl from the camp and a smiling rag doll can be seen through the exhibition’s display windows.


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