Path of the Kabbalah

by Dr. David Sheinkin
Edited by Edward Hoffman, Ph.D.

Sheinkin brings the full range of his highly respected gifts as theologian, psychiatrist, and communicator to bear in this fine introduction to Kabbalah. He explores the roots of Jewish mysticism, differences between Christian and Jewish mysticism, and the purposes of the mystical tradition. Path of the Kabbalah offers a basic initiation into the origins, history, principles, symbolism, language, and disciplines (including meditation methods) of Jewish spirituality and mysticism. It is an integral treatment of Kabbalah that speaks from the depths of classical Judaism, but is sensitive to contemporary spiritual seekers. The author creates a marvelous synthesis of psychology and mysticism. He gives a vast cosmic view of history within the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life doctrine, resting the outer world on the remarkably strong foundations of the inner world of the ten basic spiritual forces of the sefiroth.(195 Pages)

Publisher: Paragon House, 1986

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