Parental Musings: Drum Sets and Boys (and girls….)

Boys like drums. Some girls like drums. Many more boys like drums. Right? No one is offended right? It’s just a fact of life, whether genetic or environmental or hormonal.  That said, I had a funny parenting moment last week that I thought I’d share with you.

I knew something was up when my eight year old son went outside to make a phone call to a neighbor. It turns out that the neighbor was willing to sell his mini slightly broken drum set to my son for a whopping 6 shekels, a steal given the full price was 80 shekels. (From my perspective their mother should pay us to take the drum set off their hands, but never mind.) So the neighbor brought his drum set over for a trial run, and then his younger brother, decided he’d like to get rid of his drum set too…..he’s rather have a tiny tiny plastic smurf or something. So here we are in the kitchen with two sweet little boys banging the daylights out of these mini drum sets.


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