Overweight Shidduch Dating Site: Why Not?

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Before you crucify me, I’m actually being serious here. I saw someone on facebook had shared overweightdate.com and wondered when such a site would be created for frum people. It seems like all the dating sites geared towards the Orthodox Jewish singles community are devoted to the entire community, rather than one segment. When I was single I always wished there was a site for outdoors people or folks into toilet humor. Lets face it, people do care a bit much about weight.

What may be considered over weight is debatable, but whenever I want to set people up, I always ask if they care how skinny or large the person is. Girls sometimes like large guys, but seldom do I meet a guy willing to date a larger girl – so I’m sure there must be an exasperated shidduch crisis within the chubby and large frum singles community. Especially after my satire piece from earlier in the day where we see people caring so much about the need for makeup, I imagine that the obesity problem in the US is no less in the frum community than elsewhere.

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