Online Hate Poses New Threat in Argentina

More than 12,000 kilometers (7,500 miles) separate Buenos Aires from Jerusalem. Yet wars and crisis in the Middle East have an impact on anti-Semitism in Argentina.

For the past 12 years, Jewish umbrella organization DAIA has been counting and analyzing anti-Semitic incidents in Argentina. The last report, issued in December, shows a small rise in numbers, but a significant change in methods of aggression. Three out of every 10 occurrences happen on the Internet.

“The report was based on evidence compiled during 2011,” says Marisa Braylan, who is responsible for the DAIA report. “In total we counted 263 incidents, not many more than in the previous year. The difference now is that the majority of the incidents happen online, through e-mails, on social networks or web pages.”

DAIA gets most of its data from complaints, made by ordinary citizens. Like a picture of a swastika on a public square or one accompanied by a threat, telling Jews their time has come.


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