Non-Jewish Couples Embrace the Faith for Weddings

Jessie Engelman and her fiancé plan to wed later this year and sign a ketubah, the traditional Jewish marriage contract. But neither is Jewish, nor are they evangelical Christians looking to honor their biblical connections to the faith.

More non-Jewish couples have embraced Jewish marriage rituals over the last decade. Some stomp a glass – or a lightbulb as a popular substitute. Others recite vows under a canopy, called a chuppah.

But it’s the ketubah, or a less Jewish cousin called a “Statement of Our Love,” that often catches the eye of couples with no familial or cultural ties to Judaism.

The demand for “non-Jewish” ketubot (the plural) increases every year at the sites JudaicConnection and ShopKetubah, both run by Cindy Michael in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The number of ketubah artists setting up shop online has exploded in recent years, making it that much easier for non-Jewish couples to embrace the practice.


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