No BlackBerrys Says Belzer Rebbe

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At a gathering at the Belzer Beis Medrash in Yerushalayim in honor of the start of the summer z’man, the Belzer Rebbe described BlackBerrys as an “instrument of contamination” that should be avoided at all costs.

Likening the evils of the smart phone to the impurity that existed in biblical Egypt, the Rebbe told thousands of Chasidim that while there are many positive and appropriate uses for a BlackBerry, because it also has the capability to expose a person to immorality, it should be viewed as an impure object.

The Rebbe cautioned those assembled to not only avoid BlackBerrys, but to advise others about the dangers of the device as well.


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  • Yitz Grossman

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    Ershtens (first of all), the BlackBerry zicher (surely) works to improve sholom bayis and has proven demonstrable results. Here then, but a few examples and mistama the heylige and choshovo oisvorf readership can and will provide others. It used to be that the eishes chayil would call you multiple times a day while you’re hard at work in the office or in a vichtiger (important) meeting behind closed doors. Nu, you didn’t want to piss her off because shemo (maybe) it was your night, if you chap. Yet, you couldn’t take the call but you had to. What to do? Nu, with the advent of the BlackBerry, she can still call, you can zicher ignore the call and BBM her advising why. Or, efsher now, you can train her not even to call, instead limiting the schmuz to just bbm reyt (conversation). And who says she wants to talk to you? Efsher (perhaps) she’s just as happy not to engage you in conversation; maybe you give her a headache?

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