NJ Shluchim Distribute 100′s of Self Heating Meals

Last night volunteers from the Rabbinical College of America – Chabad Headquarters of New Jersey together with its relatively new division “Rutgers Jewish Outreach” headed into the evacuated and powerless city of New Brunswick to hand out free self heating Kosher meals to all the students stuck without electricity or food, they visited the University shelters where all the students living in university dormitories were evacuated to.

With Rutgers University classes cancelled at least until Monday, and most of the city without power, food – especially hot and kosher food – is scarce. Volunteers and Shluchim set out and distributed hundreds of the self heating ‘la briyut’ meals.

Rutgers Jewish Outreach will continue distributing these meals for the coming days, until everything is back to normal. They will be handing out the meals during lunch and dinner times, outside the 2 open dining halls and mass shelters, located on one of the 5 campuses.

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