New World Waiting

Molly’s a spirited immigrant tackling a new world in the Pittsburgh of 1900.
by Anne G. Faigen

Fifteen year old Molly Klein knew her uncle wouldn’t want a customer to see the basement coop of his poultry store, where chicks were born and raised in total darkness. Molly herself hated to visit the cellar. But a persistent woman would not accept no for an answer.

Imagine Molly’s surprise the first day of school when she discovers that the nervy woman from her uncle’s store is also her new teacher — a young aspiring journalist names Willa Cather. It’s one more challenge for Molly in her new world, where her mother still acts like a greenhorn, her father and brothers are missing, and her best friend, Cleo, faces a horrible tragedy.

Her brother may call her bossy, but Molly’s spirit helps pull her through her first years in this new world.(185 Pages)

Publisher: The Local History Co., 2006

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