New hit on haredi street: Wig leasing

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An Israeli wig chain has realized that the war on haredi women’s pockets passes through their head. That chain recently launched a new campaign for the sector’s women: Wig leasing.

Iris Elkayam, marketing manager at Galit Italia, explains: “From now on, just like with a car, a woman will be able to pick up a new through the leasing method and enjoy different designs and full service for a monthly fee of NIS 270 shekels (about $75).

“After a while, she may decide whether to buy that particular wig or use the same method on a different one.”


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  • moshani

    if you’re paying $2770 for a wig, someone between you and china is making a killing. bring them in from china to resell without the thousands of dollars of middleman markups like we do.