Netanyahu to Receive Historic Letter That Saved 50,000 Jews

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will receive a copy of a historic letter written by Dimitar Peshev, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria and Minister of Justice during World War II, who is credited with rescuing approximately 50,000 Bulgarian Jews during the Holocaust.

The letter will be handed to Netanyahu by Petar Paunov, Mayor of Peshev’s hometown of Kyustendil in Bulgaria, according to the Russian-language Darik Radio.

While the news website does not mention details regarding the document in question, it is likely to be the letter dated March 17, 1943, signed by the Peshev as well as 43 Members of the Parliament, which was sent to Prime Minister, Bogdan Filov, stating opposition to plans to deport the Bulgarian Jews.

Peshev did not originally object to the institution of the anti-Jewish legislation entitled, “Law for the Defense of the Nation” and disregarded rumors of Jewish deportations until he called in several high-ranking government officials who confirmed the reports.


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