Nephew Of Murdered Kabbalist Threatened With Death By Known Criminal

Ynet is reporting that a known criminal threatened to kill Rabbi Moshe Turgeman, the nephew of the murdered kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira, as he was going home from his yeshiva in Netanya Tuesday night.

Last month, Abuhatzeira was murdered by a follower, Rabbi Asher Dahan, who was upset that Abuhatzeira’s blessings and advice to him – given in the form of promises predicated on money being given to Abuhatzeira first – did not come true.

In the years leading up to the murder, other followers had threatened to kill or maim Abuhatzeira, who had also promised them that his blessings would come true if they paid him astronomically high amounts of money. The blessings did not come true.


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