Nechemya Weberman: Rapist or Victim?

I’ve been back to blogging for a week and my new goal of avoiding Jewish websites, blogs and news outlets almost worked.The Weberman trial, though, is too hard to ignore. If it was a white collar fraud case I would just throw it into the bin of “frum guys caught cheating on their taxes and making a small chillul hashem and convincing the rest of the world that Jews are slimy cheap bastards“, but this is the final nail in the coffin for those who seek to keep cases of abuse and molestation under wraps because they don’t need the rest of the world finding out. Nechemya Weberman is a rabbi and a Satmar, which means two things: he’s got tons of support from the Satmar community and the Satmar Rebbe and this trial is already a big chillul Hashem regardless of who’s guilty or not.

Now I’m fairly certain that 90% of the folks reading this have already jumped to the conclusion that he’s guilty and thinks (on a similar vein to Rubashkin) that the community will bail him out, but as posed on my Facebook wall, isn’t everyone innocent until proven guilty? I’m sure we want to believe that no 17-year-old girl from a frum home would go on trial testifying such nasty things, but what if? Could it be possible that Nechemya Weberman is a victim? I’d love to say probably not, but what if?


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