Nazi Gold: The Full Story of the Fifty-Year Swiss-Nazi Conspiracy to Steal Billions from Europe’s Jews and Holocaust Survivors

Tom Bower

Publisher: Harper Collins

Nazi Gold is the stunning and shocking expos of the 50-year conspiracy by Swiss bankers to steal deposits by European Jews and help German Nazis hide the money they looted from Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It is also about a group of dedicated Americans with the U.S. Treasury Department — Sam Klaus, Orvis Schmidt, James Man and Seymour Rubin, to name a few — who struggled tirelessly for many years following World War II, with little support from the British and French, to get the Swiss to release the deposited funds to the rightful owners or their heirs. Finally, Nazi Gold is about the victims themselves, surviving in a post-war world that showed them little but indifference, prejudice and hate.
Based on intensive research and incontrovertible evidence, Nazi Gold is the last dramatic chapter in the history of the Holocaust. Tom Bower, a distinguished British investigative historian, reveals for the first time in full the despicable role played by Swiss banks and the Swiss government in exploiting World War II and the persecution of the Jews to their financial advantage. He describes how Swiss industries manufactured and sold military equipment to the Germans during the war at a substantial profit, and after the war cynically turned away survivors and heirs of victims of the Holocaust with lies, obfuscation and impossible-to-satisfy demands for proof of relationship to deceased depositors.

Drawing on a wealth of previously unpublished and sensational source material, as well as interviews with many individuals on all sides of the controversy, Bower is also able to re-create important and secret meetings and telephone conversations that are often astounding in the bluntness of their revelations.

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