Navigating Hebrew News Will Now be a Little Harder for Novices

Newcomers to Israel will now have to wade through sophisticated Hebrew in order to get their news in their new homeland’s mother tongue. The Hebrew newspaper Sha’ar La’matchil (literally, a gate for beginners ), which provided news in easy Hebrew, will no longer be published.

The final edition of the paper came out in the first week of April, and as per a note in the penultimate edition, the paper will not be published anymore, “until further notice.” The note went on to “thank all readers, teachers, and administration staff in Israel and overseas for the love they’ve shown for the newspaper during its 50 years of existence, and also thank you to those who contacted us in recent weeks and expressed concerns and support for us.”

The first edition of Sha’ar La’matchil hit the stands 56 years ago, as palpable evidence of the state’s commitment to the absorption of more than a million new immigrants.


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