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As part of his campaign to educate every Jewish child, the Rebbe selected 12 Torah passages especially for every Jewish boy or girl. The Rebbe urged children to recite the verses, study them by heart, and teach them to others. The impressions these Torah thoughts would make upon their minds, the Rebbe said, would create a deep connection to Torah and the Jewish faith.

My Pesukim features the 12 Torah passages as recited by young boys and girls in the Rebbes presence. Watch as the Rebbe affectionately observes the children recite the Pesukim. Each passage is prefaced by the Rebbe offering a brief explanation of the words’ menaing, context, and impact. All sub-titled in English. Enclosed is a clear, easy-to-follow printed guide to the 12 Pesukim.

Available on CD Rom in either English or Hebrew. Running time 18. Minutes

Video running time 23 Minutes. DVD running time 45 Minutes.

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