Murder on a Kibbutz: A Communal Case

A Michael Ohayon Mystery
by Batya Gur

An unlikely murder on a kibbutz has Michael Ohayon, the detective from the acclaimed The Saturday Morning Murder and Literary Murder, trying to find a killer in a unique closed society.Michael Ohayon has recently been promoted to head the National Division’s Department for Investigation of Serious Crimes, Israel’s equivalent of Scotland Yard, and his first case is one of extreme delicacy. Tamar Harel, the beautiful and strong secretary of a kibbutz, has been poisoned, and Ohayon must penetrate this insular world to find the disturbing truth. Gradually uncovering more and more of the kibbutz’s secrets, exposing the contradictions in its communal way of life, Ohayon learns not only that this supposedly egalitarian society has strayed from the socialist ideal of its founders, but also what about this society would drive someone to murder.(320 Pages)

Publisher: Harper Collins, 1994

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