Meet Sammie Moshenberg – Mazel Tov!

At its gala dinner on Tuesday, the National Council of Jewish Women will honor Sammie Moshenberg, Director of Washington Operations, for 30 years of service in NCJW’s Washington office.

If anyone had told me when I knew her in high school that in 2008 Women’s eNews would name her one of “21 Leaders for the 21st Century,” I would not have been surprised. The only surprise to her classmates at Western High School would have been if she had not spent her career as an outspoken advocate for equality, women’s rights, and economic and social justice.

Founded in 1844, Western High School was (and still is) an unusual place—the oldest and one of the last remaining all-girls public high schools in the United States. The three years we spent there were formative ones for both me and Sammie (her given name).


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