Map of the Promised Land Divided Among the Twelve Tribes – Art Print

Art print Map of the Promised Land Divided Among the Twelve Tribes by Alexix-Hubert Jaillot, French 1632-1712, after Nicolas Sanson, French, 1633-1703. Art print from original a hand-colored engraving by Cordier ca.1690 in the collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Print is matted and framed (gold tinted wood), size listed is approximate framed size.

The following is a description of original:
This spectacular map of the Holy Land shows the division of Judea into the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The map is based on the cartography of Guillaume and Nicholas Sanson and is from a series of greatly enlarged maps published by Jaillot in collaboration with the heirs of Sanson. It is filled with notations, topography and place names, including the locations of Gomorra, Sodoma, Seboim and Adama as flaming cities in the Dead Sea. There are a pair of extravagant cartouches adorning this map. The title cartouche is festooned with garlands, ribbons and fruit, and is surmounted by the French royal coat of arms and flanked by the figures of Moses and Aaron. At bottom is a minutely engraved medallion featuring Moses and the brazen serpent. The distance scale cartouche includes the key to the royal and priestly cities and sanctuaries. It is topped by a scene of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with the serpent and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.)


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