Make Way for “Girls”

I was really wary of watcing HBO’s new female-driven comedy, “Girls.” I’d heard a lot of not-great reviews and was afraid it would read like an emo version of “Sex and the City,” which I was never fan of to begin with. I don’t typically fall for awkward comedies a la “Arrested Development,” either, as they tend to make me, well, uncomfortable – perhaps because my life often feels like an awkward comedy, and I like for my TV shows to hit a bit less close to home. Still, I was drawn to “Girls” because Lena Dunham, its writer, creator, and star, is just 25 years old – and, oh, she’s also Jewish. It’s also produced by funnyman Judd Apatow (also Jewish), who has turned out such comedic greats as “Anchorman,” “Bridesmaids,” and “Superbad.” With a behind-the-scenes cast like that, I knew I had to give “Girls” a try.

I was right. “Girls” did, indeed, feel like a sort of sad, emo “Sex and the City” – if you concede that the only thing it has in common with the indulgent, iconic series that made Sarah Jessica Parker famous is that it focuses on four young women who live in New York. For all intents and purposes, this new women are entirely different from their SATC predecessors.


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