Magnetic Shabbos Message Board

I’ll bet that there must have been at least one Shabbos where you were telling yourself, “if only I knew where they went, and when they will be back, I wouldn’t be wasting my time waiting around…” We know we have. With the Magnetic Shabbos Message Board™ you can leave messages for guests and family members. And it’s halachically approved.

Think about this:

Have you ever fought to stay awake late on Friday night, so you could give a message to a Shabbos guest who was eating somewhere else that evening?

Or how about a message to your spouse or teens out visiting?

Wouldn’t you like to notify your kids to set the table for unexpected guests on Shabbos morning and still go to shul?

What about having the kids let you know where they’ll be playing or learning on Shabbos afternoon, without waking you up?

How about telling your family, who are all out, that you’ve gone to a shiur or to visit friends?

– 8.5″ x 11″ area of pre-cut magnetic shapes
– halachically approved
– leave messages for guests & family
– keep track of who went where
– give directions to kids to set the table
– over 150 words, phrases and pictures allows for unlimited possibilites
– makes a great gift

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Note: is owned by Rosenblum’s World of Judaica, which is one of the oldest Judaica stores in the United States. Their store has been open for over 75 years!

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