LA Times: Wilshire Blvd. Temple to Begin a Record $175-million Renovation

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The Los Angeles Times reports on what may be the most expensive renovation for a Temple or Synagogue — a $175-million renovation and redevelopment project. The work will take two years. The Times give some background on the history of the Temple beginning in 1872:

…Jewish merchants and bankers contributed toward the $1.5-million cost of the sanctuary, but movie money provided much of the synagogue’s flash and dazzle.

The 100-foot-high dome was the gift of Hollywood tycoon Irving Thalberg. The dome is inscribed with the Shema Yisrael, a declaration of monotheism. (A few years ago, after a chunk of water-damaged plaster tumbled from the domed ceiling, the temple installed a white tent to catch any other bits.)


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