Kiryas Joel Set to Start Aqueduct Pipeline Dig

Kiryas Joel is preparing to start construction of the first phase of a 13.5-mile pipeline to the Catskill Aqueduct, a $29 million project the village has planned for more than a decade to solve its ever-increasing demand for drinking water.

For this initial work, the village plans to bury a 24-inch-wide pipe under state and county roads from Kiryas Joel to Cornwall, a 6.5-mile stretch that takes in all of Seven Springs Road and Ridge Road and the northern half of Route 32 in Woodbury, according to papers submitted to the state Department of Environmental Conservation in October.

A project engineer met with Woodbury officials in February and told them construction might begin in May. Woodbury Supervisor John Burke responded last week with a long list of questions and demands intended to minimize the traffic disruption and potential property damage.


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