Kimat Shaket - Almost Quiet

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Gad Elbaz
by Gad Elbaz

‘Kimat Sheket’ has a very diverse selection of songs, styles ranging from American pop to R & B to hip-hop to Israeli music. All these songs have in common that they are sung with a great deal of emotion. Gad Elbaz’s latest recording is astonishing and will be enjoyed by listeners over and over again. Hebrew.

Track Listing
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1. Tefillah
2. Hayeled Shebikashtee
3. Amen
4. Achot Ketana
5. Ha’am Mechapesh Manoach
6. Hanitzutz Bechah
7. Tefillat Av
8. Asur
9. Keshehalev Bocheh
10. Pinah Shekeitah
11. Shir Mehaleiv
12. Amen Intro
13. Imah
14. Tugat Halev
15. Zemanim Metukim

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