Ketchup Yenta

Oy, dahlinks, I am so farmisht.

I’ve  been so super busy over at the day job that it may seem like I’m neglecting my dear mishpoche over here. But I promise I’ve been fighting for the forces of good and tikkun olam  best I can, farblongent schmo that I am.

Let us “ketchup,” organically, of course: This week’s (Civil) Society Column encourages everyone to stand up for food by attending a March Against Monsanto tomorrow – there is one near you! Why should you go? Here are 5 Very Good Reasons.

Then, I’m gonna quote myself:

Monsanto, the creepiest and most insidious corporate Godzilla in the history of humankind, can package up its tumor-causing corn with some asbestos flakes, slap a cute cartoon character on it and call it cereal. And when the last of the underfunded independent research facilities finally proves it causes cancer, Monsanto’s CEOs will cackle maniacally as they enjoy cocktails and cigars in their hermetically-sealed underground biodome.


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