Kazik: Memoirs of a Warsaw Ghetto Fighter

Simha Rotem Kazik, Barbara Harshav (editor)

This powerful and suspenseful memoir by one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising tells the moving story of the preparations for defense of the Ghetto, the battle with the Germans, the rescue of the few Jews still alive in the Ghetto after it was destroyed, and the organization’s support of the surviving Jews in Warsaw. This book will help demolish the image of Jews as submissive victims in the Holocaust.

“A haunting and intimate account of the war years by one of the great heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.”-Debórah Dwork

“It had me transfixed. I could do nothing else until I finished it and could think of nothing else after I put it down.”-Chaim Bermant, Literary Review

“A valuable contribution to the discussion of Polish-Jewish relations during the war. . . . An exceptional book.”-Abraham Brumberg, Washington Post Book World

“[Rotem’s book] is a personal memoir, a straight-forward narrative which makes no claims to philosophical analysis, but is all the more powerful for its simplicity. . . . A moving record of the greatest heroism and a chronicle of humanity’s darkest hour.”-Adam Le Bor, The Times, (London)

“A first person narrative, this memoir is the most gripping account of wartime guerilla survival against all the odds that I have ever read. It is impossible to put down the book down.”-Robert Carver, The Scotsman

“Simha Rotem’s Memoirs of a Warsaw Ghetto Fighter provides a fascinating insight into the Warsaw Ghetto uprising by one of the few members of the Jewish Fighting Organisation to survive.”-Niall Ferguson, Sunday Telegraph (London)

“The book is often unbearable to read in its suspense, and very often just as heartbreaking in what it depicts.”-Robert Leiter, Jewish Exponent

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