Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo

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Oh good news! Justin Bieber, King of the Universe, got a tattoo–and it’s in Hebrew!

But before we Jews get too excited about the potential of the Biebs converting to Judaism, there is a slight issue to overcome first. The tattoo, located on his rib cage, spells out the name “Yeshu,” which roughly translates (and by roughly, I mean accurately) to “Jesus.” So unless the tattoo is dedicated to his good friend Jesus, I’m pretty sure Justin is dedicated to Christianity for the long haul…

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  • Dov

    “Yeshua”, if he ever existed at all, was a Jew. But He stands for Christianity - and that’s not the religion of the Jewish People. So there is nothing Jewish at all about this tattoo. And I feel that the entire idea of Jews getting excited about it is shallow and silly.