Jewtopia: The Chosen Book for the Chosen People

Bryan Fogel, Sam Wolfson

Publisher: Warner

From Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson, the creators and stars of the national smash hit play, JEWTOPIA, comes the most hilarious, over-the-top guide to Judaism unlike anything you’ve ever seen. So comprehensive that owning a copy ensures that Elijah himself will show up at your Passover Seder!

Just look at some of the things you’ll read about:

Guide to the Jewish Bachelor Party (including Questions To Ask The Stripper: “Have you considered taking two dollars from every lapdance you do and putting it into an interest bearing savings account?”)

Important Moments in Jewish History: (1992: President Clinton says to Rabin and Arafat after signing a historic peace treaty, “Let’s celebrate! I’ve got a Jewish girl in my office I think you’ll love!”)

Top 10 Things Jews Think About In High Holiday Services: (#7: Who did Allie Goldberg’s nose?”

Actual phone conversations with the authors’ mothers (“What do you mean you’re writing a book for Time Warner? You don’t know how to write a book!”)

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Note: is owned by Rosenblum’s World of Judaica, which is one of the oldest Judaica stores in the United States. Their store has been open for over 75 years!

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