Meet the YAPPIES – “Young Aliyah Professionals”

You’ve heard the “Yuppies”, a term that first came into use in the early 1980s that stands for “Young Urban Professionals.”  Well today in the new millennium we have a new group of young Jews that can be called Yappies, or “Young Aliyah Professionals.” These are smart, young Jews who were educated outside of Israel. They have obtained professional status and now are looking toward Israel as the place to which they can apply their skills and talents.

One such family was interviewed on Israel National Radio’s Aliyah Fever show. To hear the full program click here.

“I received my MBA (Masters of Business administration) in Israel and it was completely paid for by the Israeli government,” stated Josh Kanter. The young man is in his twenties and made aliyah after college with his wife Jen. Both Josh and Jen are young professionals. Israel is their choice of where to create a meaningful life, raise their children and apply their professional strength.


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