Jewish Agency Targets Russian-Speaker at Confab

In the ancient, cobble-stoned, quintessentially European city of Maastricht, Holland, this past weekend, a gathering of more than 200 Jewish youth was brought together to strengthen Jewish identity and communal associations on the continent.

Organized and hosted by the Jewish Agency for Israel, the four-day seminar targeted Russian-speaking Jewish youth from across Europe, and Germany in particular.

The specific topic of the gathering, organized in conjunction with the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry, was the State of Israel’s fight against what is often described as the “delegitimization” of the country through hostile networks of pro-Palestinian activists, many of which are found in major European cities.

But the theme of the seminar was more of a background canvas to the larger goal of creating a Jewish social network for the thousands of young Jews in Europe who were either born in the former Soviet Union or born to ex-Soviet émigrés.


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