Israelis, Too, Want That Old-Time Religion

It will take awhile to put the pieces together in a way that demonstrates a clear trend. If anything, the new poll on the religious preferences of Israelis shows opposing trends coexisting. Israel’s Central Statistical Office released its latest results on Monday, and they were picked up immediately by Israeli papers.

Of the respondents, all over the age of 20, 8% saw themselves as charedim, 12% dati’im, 13% mesorti’im-dati’im, and 25% mesorti’im-not-so-much-dati’im. [Presumably, we would call the first two categories legitimately Orthodox in American parlance, while regarding the next two as “traditional”, differing in how much tradition they still adhered to while professing no acceptance of the yoke of mitzvos as fully binding.


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