Israeli Company Using Social Media to Return Property Lost in Holocaust

When Cati Holland checked her email a few weeks ago, she was surprised to find a message saying she was eligible for compensation for her grandmother’s Berlin store that was seized by the Nazis more than 70 years ago.

It wasn’t spam or a phishing attempt or even a legitimate note from a German official working to track down victims and their heirs. Rather, it was from an Israel-based social media genealogy company that is using the Internet to help match property stolen by the Nazis to heirs of the victims.

“My grandmother told me so many stories about the store — about the beautiful dresses and fancy hats they made, the wealthy customers who wore them,” Holland, 75, told The Associated Press by phone from Hadera, Israel.

“But we always thought everything had been lost after my parents fled the Nazis. It never even occurred to us to claim any kind of restitution. I was completely surprised about that email.”


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